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What you need to know to submit your information to the SpaceartS Database

The SpaceartS Database is a professional database that requires accurate information. Before you begin submitting your information an amount of preparation will be necessary. You will have to check your files, select the appropriate illustrations of your artworks and write a number of short statements about yourself and your work. We require a certain amount of biographical and professional information, a statement describing your artistic position and documentation of up to five of the artworks that you consider to be the most important or the most representative of your art.

We strongly recommend that you read or download the "Instructions" document which explain the type and format of the information that we require and download the "Submission Form" which has been prepared to make it easy to accept your data in a number of defined fields. You may also browse the existing entries that will give you examples before you do your own.

When you have prepared your information and have downloaded and completed the "Submission Form" you may:

- either send it along with the accompanying illustrations to us at :

- or you may use the website Submission Form which interfaces directly with the database.

Once we receive your information it will be reviewed and to some extent edited before it is approved and published on the SpaceartS website. When the initial version is published we will proceed to have it translated into the other languages. Of course, if you have the ability to submit your information in more than one language, this would be a great help for us.

Download, complete, sign and mail us the Copyright Release Statement.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Instructions -                               Word Document         HTML

Submission Form -                       Word Document        Online Form

Copyright Release Statement -    Word Document        

Thank you for your cooperation and contribution.