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Artists Dubois
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Artist Particulars

 Name  Dubois
 First Name  Kitsou
 Citizenship  France
 ZIP  93310
 City  Le Pré Saint Gervais
 Country  France
 Date of Birth  05/11/1954
 Place of Brith  France

Statement / Description

For several years now, Kitsou Dubois has been developing a process of experimental movement performed in an environment of altered gravity conditions.

She intervenes in the domain of art and science, creating an insight into the rapport between humans and their environment. By appropriating the new spaces created by space travel, she has contributed to the emergence of a new artistic space. From this new relationship with movement she brings out references, such as, the establishment of a subjective verticality, continuous flow motion, the actual existence of an "in-between" space… and this in water, on a trampoline and in a state of weightlessness aboard a parabolic flight.

These experiments have engendered a poetic domain where the video image is always present as a trace for memory. That ingrained fear of falling is overcome by the freedom apparent in the floating movement and by the release of a body no longer weighed down. Here, one can experience empty space where survival does not depend on keeping one’s balance; where one can establish an identity with no other reference but the unknown in all its instability. In Kitsou Dubois’ choreographic and visual process, the weightless body seems like the symbolic scene for the discovery of new spaces , enabling a rediscovery of the self, giving another meaning to weight and gesture.

Through dancing and working at constantly re-appropriating the body, Kitsou Dubois raises the issue of its place in our communication systems: is it a spirit, an imagination no longer confined by corporeal boundaries, or is it a physical entity which can redefine itself through the exploration of infinite time and space?

The different stages of research into altered gravity environments are all part of the very process of creation. The work is impregnated with them.

The aim is to confront different attitudes, all of which relocate the limits of the body, by taking risks – the rather abstract ones of dancers and the more practical ones of circus artists – and in the space/time approach of image and music.

Her choreographic approach puts the performers in bodily states similar to those felt in zero g. flight and defines a natural or staged milieu providing them with supports conducive to the emergence of proposals which will lead to the final choreographic style. This is an atypical one and is akin to what we call “dance in an environment”. The incessant to-and-fro from inner to outer perception takes on a theatrical form which gives the spectator the impression of weightlessness.

The lines of force which induce the tension required for the performance are the result of random situations. They have a decisive effect within the common structures engendered by experiment and research on perception.

Personal Resume / Biography

Kitsou DUBOIS, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Ki Productions

After a master’s degree in economics and another in dancing on “movement in space”, she completed her Ph.D. in “Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts” in 1999 at Paris VIII University, on “Dance techniques applied to zero gravity flight; a dancer in weightlessness”.

Since 1980, she has been teaching psychotic adults, art students, and has also been lecturing on “Art and therapeutic mediation” at Paris VII University.

In 1989, she won the “Villa Médicis hors les murs” award for her time at the NASA in Houston.

From 1991 to 1994, she worked in collaboration with the French national space research center (CNES) where she developed a training programme for astronauts based on dance techniques.
In 1993, she was in residence at Bagnolet and in 1994 she presented “Gravity Zero”, a choreographic piece on the dream of flight.

In 1995, she co-authored “Kitsou Dubois, a dancer in weightlessness”, a film by Jérôme de Missölz.

In 1999, she took on an ‘Arts and Science’ residence in London, where she presented the video “Zero Gravity” at the Lux Gallery.
The following year, again in London, she proposed a video installation, “Altered States of Gravity”, for the “Creating Sparks” festival and was artist-in-residence at Imperial College until 2002.

At the same time, she has been a contributor to many conferences in Europe: in 1998 to the “International Art and Science Conference, Eye of the Storm” at the Royal Institution in London; in 2000 to the “1ères Rencontres internationales Arts Sciences et Technologie” at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société in La Rochelle; in 2001 to “An afternoon in Zero Gravity” at the V2 Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam; in 2002 to the Art and Cognitive Science Meetings at the Abattoirs museum of modern and contemporary art in Toulouse, and presented the opening paper at the “Art/Science” conference at the Metronom Rafael Tous foundation of contemporary art in Barcelona.

In 2001, for a "Quirky Sunday" at the Manège in Reims, she presented an artistic round on the theme of weightlessness. The Gravity Zero video installation was presented the same year, for the “Leben in schwerelosen Raum” exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.

In 2002, both the Ballet Atlantique-Régine Chopinot in La Rochelle and La Maison de La Villette in Paris offered her residencies which led to the creation of “Fluid Trajectory”, a performance for six artists. She also presented the resulting video installation at the La Rochelle international film festival.

In 2003, “Fluid Trajectory” was on the programme of the “Repérages” festival at the Basse-Normandie circus arts festival in Cherbourg and that of the “100 dessous dessus” event at La Villette in Paris.

Kitsou Dubois continued her artistic career in the autumn of 2003 with the creation site “Dancer, chair and shadow”.


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